fee schedule

Effective February 1, 2017

General Fees    
Membership   Free
Phone Transfers   Free
Phone Balance Inquiry   Free
STARS Inquiries & Transfers   Free
Notary Public   Free
Online Banking   Free
Account Verification   Free
Dormant Account   $5.00 per month (after 1 year of inactivity)
Account History Interim Print-out   $5.00 per account
VISA Gift Card   $3.95
Wire Transfer (Incoming)   Free
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)   $35.00
Wire/Cable Transfers International   $50.00
Western Union   $35.00
Replacement of Check Withdrawal*   $15.00
Corporate CU Check Copy   $10.00
Bad Address   $5.00 per occurrence
Stop Payment of Corporate CU Check   $25.00
Escheat   $75.00 per account
Copy of Statement   $5.00 per account
NSF Fee   $30.00 per account
Returned Deposit Item   $30.00 per account
Vacation Club Excessive W/D   $5.00 per withdrawal, after 4 per year
Close Membership (within 6 months of open date)   $25.00
Research   $25.00 per hour-minimum of $25.00
Money Market Excessive W/D   $5.00 per withdrawal, after 3 per month
Duplicate 1099/1098   $5.00
Fedex   $35.00
Levy Garnishment, Writ or any other Legal Process   $250.00
Checking/Electronic Transaction Fees    
Paid Check Inquiry   Free
Personal Checks   Per Catalog
Certified Check   $10.00
Stop Payment   $25.00
Copy of Check   $5.00
NSF   $30.00
Overdraft Advance   $30.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings   $15.00 after 6 per month, per item
Reconciliation of Draft Account   $25.00 per hour-minimum of $25.00
VISA Check Card Replacement   $10.00 per card
Online Bill Pay Inactivity   $5.00 per month (after 90 days of inactivity)
Rush Card Replacement Fee   $40.00
Loan/VISA Credit Card Fees    
Cancellation Fee   Actual cost + $10.00
Written Payoff Request   $25.00 mailed or faxed
Loan Modification   $50.00 (change due date/payment amount/etc.)
Subordination   $275.00
Refinance Home Equity   $250.00 for borrowing less than a $10,000.00 advance
Pay by Phone (loans/credit cards)   $5.00 per payment
Lien on Title   $10.00 plus state lien fees
Loan Payment Late   $30.00
Returned Loan Payment   $30.00
VISA Credit Card Late Payment   Up to $35.00
VISA Credit Card Replacement   $10.00 per card
Returned VISA Credit Card Payment   Up to $35.00
Rush Card Replacement Fee   $40.00
Retrieval Request Fee   $7.00 per retrieval
VISA Statement Copy   $5.00 per statement
VISA Foreign Transaction Fees  

1.00% of each multiple currency transaction in U.S. dollars

0.80% of each single currency transaction in U.S. dollars

* if not more than 10 business days since issue date